Alessandro Cazzato, Violin
Dario Doronzo, Flugelhorn
Pietro Gallo, Piano


Imagine This...

The “Re-Writings Project” aims to compare two musical worlds: post-modern experimentalism and jazz. Contemporary works for solo violin meet traditions of the past, and jazz music is blended with the Italian lyrical style. Jazz arrangements are composed by Gianluigi Giannatempo, Pietro Gallo and Dario Doronzo.


How has the concert focused on "rewrite" been received by the public? Based on which studies was the program chosen? "The rouge of the concert was the theme of" rewrite "- says Cazzato - that connects two worlds so diverse, such as contemporary music and modern jazz . The theme of "rewrite" is inspired by my personal literary studies: it is a specific intertextual practice born from and in the comparison between texts (not just musicals) that recall each other, at a distance of time and space, in such a way that One "illuminate" the other, exalting a character or highlighting a difference. Contamination of genres and styles is highly appreciated here in New York, Because it is capable of involving an ever wider audience, offering new music and unpublished listening paths. "

How does artwork artise between you? "The program is articulated in two parts, in two different sketches - always explains Cazzato - where our two personalities live together: my most classic soul to the experiments of contemporary music and the lyrical jazz with a look to the past . In the first sketch I personally proposed a path in Italian virtuosity, from the Capricci of Antonio P. Locatelli and Cammillo Sivori (unfortunately still little known today) to the masterpiece of Goffredo Petrassi Elogio for a shadow , finally concluding, With two first absolute songs of composers Paolo Geminiani (dedicated to Paganini) and João Pedro Oliveira.

And the second part of the concert? "In the second sketch, " explains Dario Doronzo and Pietro Gallo, "we have proposed an unprecedented reinterpretation of jazzy tales of famous themes of Italian operatic and instrumental repertoire. The reinterpretation of the most significant arias of authors such as Claudio Monteverdi, Tommaso Giordani, Giovanni Paisiello, Pietro Mascagni, or instrumental songs by Domenico Scarlatti can be understood as a reflection on the links between European jazz language and "made in Italy" lyricism. In other words, We have dismantled famous classical works and then re-fitted them with melodic, harmonic, timbric and rhythmic changes and variations. "

What are the features that have joined you to share the stage?
"We have performed a concert by two souls, different but complementary - they continue Dario Doronzo and Pietro Gallo - able to achieve a pleasant blend of classical, jazz and contemporary music. The desire to manipulate and reshape the solid structures of opera music with elements from the European jazz-like ferment has been the keystone that has created a synergistic glue between our figures. Both of us were polite to a dry and well-groomed classical sound, and later we started jazz studies . This common background has allowed us to work together as one mind and one instrument. "

Future projects?
"Start recording the "rewrite" project for flugelhorn and piano (Dario Doronzo and Pietro Gallo). and launch the Apulian Metropolitan Music Festival, which will see us engaged in the musical enhancement of our Apulia». Also, I'll start on a upcoming CD with unreleased music for two violins for the Tactus discography and engage in enhancing my young students at the Conservatory with new inspirational projects and performing activities."


Dario Doronzo, Flugelhorn Pietro Gallo, Piano Ryan D'Herde