Artist Evolution

Beyond The Studio

With thousands of locations scouted for film friendly productions, break free from the claustrophobic walls of your typical studio recordings and create a one of a kind world class production.

Any budget, Any location, 24/7
Contact us with ideal locations / budget in mind and we can send you a list of jaw dropping spots.

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10 Hour Recording Session

Engineer with Ryan D'Herde along with his team of Co-engineer's to put together some of the most stunning live records of this century. With a passion of capturing the moment and feel of a group opposed to layering take after take, with the confidence and beauty of his selected studio's you can now book 10 hour sessions.

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Live Album/ Film Package

3 cinematographers, 10 cameras and the sexiest studio's or venue's in NY.
We'll be there to document the entire process from start to finish. 
At Nearly Half the Price of a Standard Entry fee for locations listed

Full live album Package

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brand evolution

Commercial Production

Starting at just $750, an informative and captivating cinematic commercial is put together for your brand. The days of reading ad's and sifting through pages to find information are over, get straight to the point with a well planned, eye catching commercial production.

~30 second commercial with a one hour meeting with director of cinematography and one hour shoot after storyboard is complete... (Additional rates may apply)

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Marketing Campaign

Don't get stagnant worrying about marketing techniques, let us host your next marketing venture with captivating location events and inspiring angles of approach leaving you to focus on the passion that created your journey. Targeted direct marketing is our specialty, boost interest, sales and foot traffic to your location or website instantly with guaranteed new clients and sales on your most desired items.
Or even send out a selected professional street team to push your brand in thriving locations.
Setup a meeting today on howto  get your product to the next level.

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