Turning Fantasies into Reality

What is your wildest dream?
We're here to make it happen...
From our many studio's, abundance of cinematic film friendly locations, live events, film team, or stunning production rooms, D'Herde East offers everything and more 24/7
You envision it, we create it.
Hell's Kitchen run
Austin,TX based company


Established in 2007.

Starting the home facility in March of 2007, Owner Ryan D'Herde set out to run a full fledged one stop shop performance center (D'Herde South).
After a self sufficient first property was up and running, Ryan opened the second location blocks from Time's Square in Hell's Kitchen.
Fully renovated from a prior recording studio, the new property has plenty of space to shoot feature films, have church services, or a full blown roof party video shoot.
And of course, cut one of the finest records of the 21'st century