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Beyond The Studio @ Smart Sofa

D'Herde Presents Beyond The Studio at a chill Sofa Store in Union Square.
This location looks "homey" yet has a balcony, storefront window/living room setup, and many unique locations to create your production.
Great for commercial shoot's and live performances
You may have up to 60 guests lounging out in this store to create a very unique piece.


  • Package includes

  • 4 Cameramen (Fs7, Red Epic, A7sII, Fs700)
  • Up to 8 Mounted Cameras
  • Studio Grade Recording Setup
  • Lighting
  • 360' VR Video available
  • Props
  • 70 Min Slot
  • up to 60 guests
  • Edited (3 free revisions)
  • Mixed/Mastered (2 Hour Studio session)
  • All Raw Files
  • $450
Earlier Event: April 8
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